Excel loan calculator

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Mar 152024

Below you can find a free Excel loan calculator.

In this calculator you can set up cash flows according to:

  • „Annuitet“, where „total payment” is constant. You pay the same amount each date, principal/loan repayment is adjusted so the total payment (interest + repayment of principal) stays the same at each date.
  • „Equal principal payment“, where the principal is paid back in equal installments. You pay back the same amount of notional / loan along with interest at each date.
  • „Coupon“, where coupon is paid until principal is paid back in one installment. You pay accrued interest at each date but notional / loan at end of the loan.
  • „Zero coupon“, where accrued interest and principal is paid back in one payment. You pay all accrued interest and notional at the end of the loan.

This loan calculator also allows for inflation indexing of the cash flow.

Here below can access the document unlocked if you want to access formulas or work with the document unlocked.